Fun with Phonics!

posted 20 Apr 2020, 03:59 by Melissa Blakemore   [ updated 20 Apr 2020, 03:59 ]

Hello Year 1!

Following on from Miss Gay's blog post, I thought I might share some ideas for fun phonics games that you can play whilst you are learning from home! Here are some ideas:
- Chalk your sounds on the pavement. Ask your grown up to shout out a sound - how quickly can you find that sound?
- Hide and Seek - ask your grown up to hide some sounds in the garden or in your house. How many can you find?
- Phonics bingo! We all love that one, don't we? Draw a grid on a piece of paper, write down a sound in each box and ask your grown up to read out some sounds. Can you get bingo?
- Phonics cookies! Can you bake cookies and write your sounds on top with icing?
- Phonics mime! Can you mime a sound to your grown up for them to guess?
- - Remember there are lots of fun games on this website!

I'm really proud of you all, keep going with your super learning! 
Miss Blakemore x