A welcome from Red Group

posted 18 Jun 2020, 02:05 by Louise Sutton
Hello Year 1,

It's red group here, from Year 6. We have some top tips to help you stay safe but still have fun when you return to school on Monday!

Tip 1: Even though they are a bit boring and you might think they may spoil you fun, make sure you follow the rules and the new routines given by your teacher because they will help you to stay safe. 

Tip 2: Try to social distance as much as possible, there will be lots of opportunities for hugging and holding hands but just not yet!

Tip 3: Don't be afraid to talk or ask questions - The best part of our day is first thing in a morning when Mrs Sutton lets us tell our stories. They are extremely random- yesterday we chatted about fish! 

Tip 4: Share moments and make memories. Your teachers will have planned lots of fun activities for you to do and we have had lots of extra time to explore what is in our boxes. You will have a box (probably under your table) just for you and your belongings. In your box there will be a wallet full of equipment (pencil, white board etc) that you might need throughout the day. If you are a pack lunch this is where you will keep your pack lunch. 

Tip 5: When you first come into school you will need to wash your hands, then you will get a wipe from one of your bubble leaders and you will need to wipe down your pack lunch, before putting it in your box. 

Tip 6: There will still be lots of opportunity for you to chat to your friends but remember to keep that 2m distance!

Tip 7: Remember to look after your own equipment and don't let anyone else touch it! Sharing is caring but at the moment caring is not sharing!

Tip 8: You will have a box to use at playtime, but you can only play in your zone and with your bubble pals. Remember to clean your equipment once you've finished with it.

Most importantly the best piece of advice we can give you is to HAVE FUN and keep washing those hands!

From: Ava, Beau, Madi, Ben, Oliver, Tippers, Amelia, Aleysha, Grace, Skye, Charlie, Mrs Sutton, Mr S.