Worries away!

posted 2 Apr 2020, 08:43 by Natalie Gay
Hey everyone!

Well today I had to go to the shops because I had no milk, no bread and nothing for teas! I was actually feeling a bit worried about going out and being around other people but it wasn't too bad. I just made sure I got what I needed in one big shop and did lots of anti-bacterial wiping and spraying when I got home! And of course I washed my hands lots! It seemed like a lot of fuss but it's what made me feel better inside! 

We all have worries sometimes and that is okay. We just have to find a way to deal with the worries. I have found the perfect story for us to share all about worries. You can hear the story here...

The man who is reading the story is called Alistair. He is an early years expert and before I started teaching in reception, I was lucky enough to go on his course!
I really like the worry dolls that he made at the end of the story. I wonder if you will make a worry doll too and send a picture for me to see?

Missing you all lots.
Miss Gay x