Shout out to Miss Harrison!

posted 5 May 2020, 03:13 by Natasha Jenkinson
Last week Miss Harrison sent me a lovely video, full of photos of her and her children on their daily exercise. I loved this idea and thought I might give it a go and you could too.

While you are out on your daily exercise, can you use a camera or phone to take photos of your local and favourite areas. This could be the park, the lake, the shop and even your street. Then using apps on your phone can you put them in to a  montage to save them. You could then send this to friends who live further away to show them how Doncaster has changed. But, when this is all over, it will be a great reminder of what your world was like during the 2020 Quarantine. 

Keep safe, 
Missing you,
Mrs Jenkinson