Phonics and reading

posted 29 Apr 2020, 07:16 by Natalie Gay
Hi everyone,

Well it's a pretty cold and rainy day at my house today. I am sat under a fluffy blanket doing my work! What have you been up to today?

I have found some fun phonics games which you might like to play as well as watching the daily SET 1 Read, Write Inc videos. Some children have been watching SET 2 also which is a great challenge.

There are lots of free games but also a free login to access all the resources. So enjoy! 
Username: march20
Password: home

Did you also know that Michelle Obama (the first lady of the United States of America) is doing read-alongs every Monday. You can watch her reading 'There's a dragon in your book' in the link below! It's a great story!

Missing you all!
Miss Gay X