It's Monday!

posted 30 Mar 2020, 01:58 by Natasha Jenkinson
Happy Monday!

Hope you are all ok and you and your grown ups have survived their first week at home!

I've been keeping busy doing Joe Wick's morning exercises! Have you been enjoying it too? This morning my dog Otis tried to join in, but every time I got down to do an exercise, he laid on me for a nap! (I took a picture to show you)

Our email address in now live, so if you want to send in any questions, requests, notes or even photos to keep us updated we'd love to see them. We are all missing your smiley faces and would love to know how you are keeping!

I hope you are enjoying the activities set, they look like lots of fun. Remember in reception we learn lots through playing, so don't worry about having lots of worksheet. 

Have a good day, 
Mrs Jenkinson (& Otis) xx