Happy Friday!

posted 3 Apr 2020, 04:44 by Natalie Gay
Hi everyone,

Did you all do the Joe Wick's fancy dress this morning? I saw his spider man outfit- cool! 
I am still on with his '7 days of sweat challenge' ... I can no longer walk upstairs properly- my legs hurt! Haha!

Three things for you to have a look at today...

1.  Tom Fletcher will be doing a reading from one of his storybooks every Monday night at 6.30pm. I think you will really like some of his stories - they are silly and funny! Like 'The dinosaur that pooped a rainbow!'

2. Parents- if you have facebook or instagram give tishylishy a follow. She has lots of ideas for fun activities to do with your children. They are simple and easy to do and there's enough to entertain your child for hours!

3. Watch out for NEW daily maths and literacy lessons coming on the BBC. The lessons will start on 20th April (after Easter holidays). 

I know the Easter Holidays would have been starting next week- I have some fun Easter activities planned and I will be posting them on the blog- so stay tuned!

Take care.
Miss Gay X