Daily Read Write Inc and Reading e-books

posted 24 Mar 2020, 06:45 by Natalie Gay
Hi everyone!
Don't forget to tune in to the daily SET 1 speed sound lessons at 9.30am. All you need is some paper and a pencil! Don't worry if you miss it- the videos are available for 24 hours after they are posted. 
If you follow the link above, you can also access a daily poem posted at 2pm everyday. 

Reception children should read the RED coloured books. The first one is ready for you ... it's called 'Sun Hat Fun'. More will be posted very soon! If your child is really confident then definitely try the GREEN books.

My favourite is ...'Silver Foil Rocket'. Get signed up and enjoy! 

Happy phonics and reading children!
Miss Gay X
Natalie Gay,
24 Mar 2020, 06:45