Bug hunt.

posted 30 Jun 2020, 07:33 by Natasha Jenkinson   [ updated 1 Jul 2020, 02:33 ]
Good afternoon, 

All the staff and children have had a lovely few days back at school, it has been lovely to see so many smiley faces! 
We hope all the children at home have been enjoying the dry weather today and managed to get outdoors. 

We have been looking for bugs in our outdoor area today and we found lots of ladybirds. We looked closely at their legs and counted all their spots. We found out that ladybirds are omnivores (they eat meat and plants), and enjoy eating little ants! Have you got any bugs in your garden? Can you find them and look closely at their features? Don't forget to let them go free after you have looked at them, so they can hunt for food!

Have a lovely day, 
EYFS Team! x