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  • Bug hunt. Good afternoon, All the staff and children have had a lovely few days back at school, it has been lovely to see so many smiley faces! We hope all the ...
    Posted 1 Jul 2020, 02:33 by Natasha Jenkinson
  • Super Sunny Friday! Good afternoon, I hope every one is safe and well and enjoying the sun this week! It is a little bit too warm for me at times and I need ...
    Posted 26 Jun 2020, 07:03 by Natasha Jenkinson
  • Happy SUNNY Wednesday! Hi all!It's going to be a beautiful, hot and sunny day! Make sure if you are playing out that you wear a hat, sunglasses and sun cream! It ...
    Posted 24 Jun 2020, 01:43 by Natalie Gay
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Bug hunt.

posted 30 Jun 2020, 07:33 by Natasha Jenkinson   [ updated 1 Jul 2020, 02:33 ]

Good afternoon, 

All the staff and children have had a lovely few days back at school, it has been lovely to see so many smiley faces! 
We hope all the children at home have been enjoying the dry weather today and managed to get outdoors. 

We have been looking for bugs in our outdoor area today and we found lots of ladybirds. We looked closely at their legs and counted all their spots. We found out that ladybirds are omnivores (they eat meat and plants), and enjoy eating little ants! Have you got any bugs in your garden? Can you find them and look closely at their features? Don't forget to let them go free after you have looked at them, so they can hunt for food!

Have a lovely day, 
EYFS Team! x

Super Sunny Friday!

posted 26 Jun 2020, 07:03 by Natasha Jenkinson

Good afternoon, 

I hope every one is safe and well and enjoying the sun this week! 

It is a little bit too warm for me at times and I need to come inside out of the sun to cool down. I've attached some summer themed colouring sheets to the blog for you download and colour if you get too hot playing in the sun!
Remember to keep safe in the sun too, top tips can be found here:

Mrs Jenkinson x

Happy SUNNY Wednesday!

posted 24 Jun 2020, 01:43 by Natalie Gay

Hi all!

It's going to be a beautiful, hot and sunny day! Make sure if you are playing out that you wear a hat, sunglasses and sun cream! It's also a good idea to get some shade between 11am-2pm!

Here are some ideas for shadow play! A shadow is made when an object blocks the sunlight. You will easily be able to make shadows today with how bright it is!

Have a lovely day!

Miss Gay


posted 23 Jun 2020, 00:50 by Natalie Gay

Good morning, 
WOW it's so sunny this morning! The sunshine woke me up early behind my bedroom curtains!
I hope you have lots of nice things to do today in your garden!

I love chatting to all the children and parents when I do my phone calls. I love to hear all the lovely things you have been doing. It makes me super proud but miss you all even more!

Vinnay has turned into an artist! He loves drawing and would like to share them with you all! I think his pirate wanted poster is great! And I  LOVE the whale poem he did! Maybe you can do one too with your grown up?

Have a lovely day,
Miss Gay

Happy Birthday Kelsey...

posted 22 Jun 2020, 03:26 by Natasha Jenkinson

Today we have another lock down birthday! 

Kelsey is five and the sun looks like it has come back out this week to help her celebrate!!
Ahead of her birthday, Kelsey helped her daddy to make some lovely rainbow cupcakes, how delicious do they look?

Image preview

We hope you have a very fabulous birthday Kelsey, and eat lots of buns and cake!! 
From all of your friends in Reception! xx

Activities for 3-5 year olds!

posted 22 Jun 2020, 01:20 by Natalie Gay

Good morning everyone,

I hope you had a lovely weekend ! Did you all find a nice way to celebrate father's day? I hope you did :) 

Here's a link to a wonderful website with lots of activities on for you..

There are activities posted for today and previous ones to access too.

I like the idea of an acrostic poem. Maybe you could do an acrostic poem for your name ?
There also lots of other things  to do like yoga, mindfulness and gardening and wildlife activities.

Have a lovely week and keep safe.

Miss Gay x

Duchess of Cambridge LIVE at 11am today!

posted 18 Jun 2020, 02:40 by Natalie Gay

The Duchess of Cambridge to lead an online assembly on mental wellbeing among children
Tomorrow, the Duchess of Cambridge will lead an online assembly for the Oak National Academy during which she will speak about the importance of mental wellbeing among children. The theme of the Duchess’ assembly is ‘spread a little kindness’ and is based on a lesson plan which is available on the Mentally Healthy Schools platform. This platform was developed in collaboration with children’s mental health charity Place2Be and encourages children to explore ways in which they can show kindness and recognise the benefits of kindness to others.  The Mentally Healthy Schools platform can be accessed here:

The assembly will be live on the Oak National Academy website at 11am on Thursday 18 June and can be accessed here:  

Henry's Operation Ouch!

posted 18 Jun 2020, 02:38 by Natasha Jenkinson

Henry has been busy at home doing lots of fun science experiments! He has worked with his sister Emma on 'Operation Ouch' which sounds so much fun! They have even worn science goggles and it makes them look very official! 
Take a look at their photos, can you spot them making snot rockets? (ewwwww!) They have even removed collagen from a bone and made a bouncy egg to learn all about membranes and now they are waiting for the calcium to be removed from a bone in a jar! Sounds like so much fun!

Thanks for sharing!
Image.jpeg            Image.jpeg            Image.jpeg

Reception Graduation Video

posted 17 Jun 2020, 01:33 by Natalie Gay

Hi all,

 So we would have been preparing for a ‘Reception Graduation’ assembly if things were normal. We planned to celebrate the children, their achievements and memories from the year.

We still want to do this!!! SO….

We are making a ‘Reception Graduation Video!’

You will have received a text today asking for a headshot photo of your child. These need to be sent in to by Monday 29th June. If you do not send a photo we will assume you do not want your child to feature.

If you would like to craft a graduation hat to wear in the photo then you are more than welcome to!

Here’s a  video how … (there’s lots of ideas online)

We will be putting all the photos together with others which we have (only children with photo consent) and posting this on the school website for you all to enjoy before the end of the year. We hope that it will remind the children of all the time we did have together and provide some closure for the end of their time in reception.

Thank you for your continued support as always.

Miss Gay and Mrs Jenkinson XX

Virtual Sports Day!

posted 17 Jun 2020, 00:30 by Natasha Jenkinson

I know we missed our sports day in school this year, so this is an exciting opportunity for you to take part in at home.
This virtual sports day has been organised by Activ8, a team who come in to school to support our PE sessions in school. They have set the date, and will open the event up on Monday 29th and let it run for the full week, then they will look at the scores over the weekend and give you all the information to share your position participation on social media on Monday 6th.

Here are some links to help you get set up and prepared!

The first link is a Youtube link to show how each event is organised and ran, the second is our online forms to register our scores.

Good luck, 
Let us know how you get on!
Mrs Jenkinson x

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