Yep, It's Wonderful Wednesday!

posted 22 Apr 2020, 03:03 by Sally Faulkner
Good Morning!
Another beautiful day! Children, why don't you  draw the weather each day or start a weather chart to record the weather day by day.  It could be outside with chalks or on a smaller piece of card with felt-tips or crayons. You could teach your adults the weather song and you could be the teacher! I have received some great news from one of your friends at school, he has been really busy at home.
Lovely pictures!
Thank you for sharing these. If you have any pictures you would like to share please send them to the nursery email, giving your permission to post. I won't use any of the children's names.
I wwonder wwwhat you are going to do on Wwwwonderful Wwwwednesday? I'm off to do the wwwindows!  MMMM.... Wwwwonderful!
Whatever you chose today, take care.
Good health and best wishes,
Mrs Faulkner