Wonderful Wednesday!

posted 1 Jul 2020, 02:13 by Sally Faulkner
Good morning!
I hope today finds you all keeping well. It's a bit of a grey day again today. Just take a look at the planning and find a challenge if you need cheering up! Do you remember when you were young doing obstacle and dressing up races where you ended up wearing the worst thing in the dressing up box and getting caught in a hoop! Such fun! Isn't it strange that the weather can have a big impact on the way we feel?
Today I have included a check list to boost your well-being from Care for the family. It's great to see that the lock-down has given us the opportunity to do many of these things on a daily basis.

1. Create meaningful traditions

2. Offer hugs

3. Have family outings & adventures

4. Give each other space

5. Make healthy, hearty meals

6. Talk about how you feel

7. Ask about each other's interests

8. Look through old photographs and souvenirs

9. Don't be afraid to ask for help

10. Love unconditionally

How wonderful to hear that your children have settled well in school this week, having a full day too! How grown up! 

Have a lovely day everyone and please continue to take care and keep your distance when you're out.

Good health and best wishes,

Mrs Faulkner