Wonderful Wednesday

posted 29 Apr 2020, 01:55 by Sally Faulkner
Good Morning!
I hope you are all keeping well. Will it rain today? We did have a few spots yesterday when I went for a walk. It was lovely to smell the rain on the earth and the scent of the flowers as I walked. 
We often play games in school where we look for things, why not go on a walk to see how many different smells you can find? For example, the bluebells and lilac are beautiful at this time and you may have herbs in the garden to crush and squeeze to release their scent. You may also find different scents by the road. Recently, near me they have repainted the telegraph poles! Plants release different smells when they are wet, so the garden should smell fragrant. 
Garden Mocktails        PLEASE DO NOT DRINK! This is a scent discovering activity. 
Some supervision is required for this activity. Children will need guidance as to which plants will hurt them, eg. stingers and prickles. They also need to know that some will make them poorly if they were to eat/drink them, so as we don't know which, don't try to eat/drink any!
You could make a garden mocktail by putting a couple of centimetres of water into the bottom of a beaker and then adding different leaves. Use a stick to crush and stir the leaves to smell the different fragrances. Decorate with a flower. This works well in the mud kitchen area. Why not take pictures of the different drinks you've  made to make a drinks menu. Think of some delicious names for your drinks.

As your out and about you may be spotting all sorts wonderful insects and animals. I found this website for learning about nature. You will need to go to Home learning and family fun for printouts, colouring and craft sheets.

Take care today if you're out and about.
Good health and best wishes,
Mrs Faulkner