Thumbs-Up Thursday!

posted 14 May 2020, 02:13 by Sally Faulkner
Good Morning!
I hope you are keeping well today. It's lovely to see blue sky again! I think it might be a schoolwork and gardening day today for me. It was lovely to talk to parents and children again yesterday. Quite a few of you have been outside planting seeds and growing flowers and vegetables and enjoying your garden. I used to have a little patch of garden when I was little. I would make patterns with stones and decorate it with some flowers and plants.  Sometimes I would make the dinner and set out a table in the mud. I really liked making perfume with the lilac flowers growing in my garden.
Here is an information link to gardening with your child.
Don't forget to watch Mr Bloom's Nursery while you are there!

Here are some ideas for growing from vegetable scraps on Pinterest. 

For those of you with limited access to a garden space, check out these ideas for a window ledge or balcony.
Looking forward to talking with you today or later on,
Good health and best wishes,
Mrs Faulkner