Thumbs-Up Thursday!

posted 7 May 2020, 03:15 by Sally Faulkner
Good Morning Everybody,
Another beautiful day to enjoy. I hope you are keeping well. I have enjoyed looking at your gardening pictures and the bridges you have made to help the goats to cross the river.  
Today I have a link to the RWI phonic pictures we learn at school. This clip focuses on how to say a pure sound, so listen carefully and imitate that sound when you repeat it.There are different blocks of letters to learn. You do not need to look at the stretchy vowel pictures at the end of the clip unless you are sure that your child knows the others inside out.
We also learn how to FRED talk in school. The following clip talks about how to use the sounds to blend to make a word and then looks at blending letters. Most of the children are able to blend sounds, words like, 
h- ea-d,
Play the game.....put your hands on your b-a-ck etc.
Some of your children may be interested in beginning to blend letters. Just choose 3 letter words to begin with, having a consonant, vowel, consonant pattern, eg. mat. 
How many words can you make and blend from  the letters m a s d t i n
Have f-u-n!
Good health and best wishes,
Mrs Faulkner.