Thumbs-Up Thursday!

posted 23 Apr 2020, 04:47 by Sally Faulkner   [ updated 23 Apr 2020, 05:41 ]

ello everyone!
It really is thumbs-up today! Thank you for sending me so many lovely pictures of learning and playing at home. There has been so many that I am going to share  some of them with you. It's been great to see brothers and sisters playing and learning together and taking care of each other too. I've seen some fantastic writing, cutting and sticking, painting, counting, baking and imaginative play outside. It's been great to see you enjoying on-line resources too! Apologies to those who have sent images not included. The wonder of science has decided that many of your photos copy across sideways, despite showing to be upright in my picture folder! I have spent much time wrestling with the logic to this, even turning the images wrong way in my pictures to account for this but to no avail! Sorry, I will consult the ICT tech. 
Here is the star of today in your Nursery News...
Keep sending me your lovely learning, We are not giving up!
Take care,
Best wishes,
Mrs Faulkner