Thumbs-Up Thursday!

posted 2 Apr 2020, 03:40 by Sally Faulkner   [ updated 2 Apr 2020, 03:41 ]
Hi Everyone!
Well done, we've got to Thursday! I hope you are well. I thought I might share some maths with you today. Why not ask your child to be the teacher for the Maths Meeting. I miss all their help here at home! We use thumbs at school to show when something is right or to make a choice, for example when we think something is right, so I would say "I think this is a square!" Am I right? Thumbs up if you think it is, thumbs down if you think I am wrong. You could use that game today when you are playing with your child. You could hold up some fingers and then say, I think that's 3 fingers. Children show thumbs and then count to check whether they are right.
Here is a link for some additional maths games. They also have a selection for older children.
Have a good day. Keep counting!
Good health and best wishes,
Mrs Faulkner