Terrific Tuesday

posted 21 Apr 2020, 02:40 by Sally Faulkner
Good Morning!
I hope you are all keeping well today. It's another beautiful sunny day. Spring is surely here. What plans have you got for today children? What would you like to do? I thought as it is windy again today you might like to take a scarf or a piece of material outside to play with in the wind. Light floaty material will blow away, so you may need to tie a penny into the corner to weight it down. Maybe you would like to make a kite or a large paper aeroplane to play with? Don't forget to name your plane and decorate it. 
I shall shortly be going on my daily walk. There is a large patch of daisies that I always stop to look at, they look beautiful in the sunshine. I often wonder how many there are and whether each daisy has the same number of petals. It's a shame children that your not here to help me find out! Perhaps you have some  daisies near you that you could look at.
Whatever your hopes and plans are for today, take care and have fun.
Good health and best wishes,
Mrs Faulkner.