Terrific Tuesday!

posted 31 Mar 2020, 03:26 by Sally Faulkner
Good Morning Everyone,
I hope you are all continuing to keep well.  Don't forget children to keep washing your hands like we did in school. Every effort protects the people we care about, like our grandmas and granddads, and the people who care for us. How did you get on with your marvellous challenge yesterday?
Today I thought I might share two things, a recipe for cloud dough and a website I often use for ideas.
Cloud Dough
Using the same container, count 5 level measures of cornflour and 1 hair conditioner. Mix in a bowl and knead until the stickiness has gone. You may need to repeat kneading when you return to the dough. You could vary the dough by adding food colouring or by using different scented conditioners. This keeps up to a week.
This website has many ideas and pictures of activities to follow.

Finally, today's challenge is to see if your child can learn to use the word terrific. How many different ways can you use this word today?

Best wishes and good health,

Mrs Faulkner