Marvellous Monday!

posted 4 May 2020, 02:48 by Sally Faulkner
Good Morning Everyone!
Welcome back to another week. This week we are looking forward to remembering the 75 year anniversary of the end of the war. The Nursery planning on the drive focuses on learning around the story of the Three Billy Goats Gruff and recognising numbers and counting out small quantities. I have planned for five days, (see Nursery planning for details), but you will probably like to give some time to preparing for a stay at home, street party.

Please use this opportunity to learn as much about  our history and your own family story as you celebrate. I spoke to one Mum this week who had a great Nanna just celebrating her 100th birthday! Many congratulations to her! I bet she could tell you many things about living through the war and the joy of VE day!
Good health and best wishes,
Mrs Faulkner