Marvellous Monday!

posted 30 Mar 2020, 04:50 by Sally Faulkner
Good Day,
I hope that you are all continuing to keep safe and well. I have been out today as usual and decided to look for as many marvellous things as I could. On my walk I had time to study the new buds on the trees and flowers opening out to the sunshine; how many different shades of grey I could see in the clouds and all their different shapes. The birds were also singing Marvellous Monday! While we have time on our hands why not stop to think and consider how many marvellous things we enjoy in homes, families and in the natural world. What marvellous things do you enjoy? What can you find to marvel at as you go on your once-a-day walk? We love learning new words in Nursery. How many times and different ways can you use the word marvellous today? Why not make yourself a magnifying lens by filling a clear plastic bottle. Look through the side to marvel at flowers and buds you may see.
Please take extra care of yourselves,
Best wishes,
Mrs Faulkner