Fantastic Friday!

posted 19 Jun 2020, 03:00 by Sally Faulkner
Good Morning!
I hope you are all well this morning, Well done for making it to the end of yet another week! Once again I have enjoyed catching up with many of you, hearing that your children are well and that you are doing a great job holding it all together. 
This morning I want to share a link to Care for the family. This charity works and supports families in many ways. It recognises that being a Mum or a Dad is probably the hardest and most demanding thing you ever have to do, so they have produced a variety of materials to encourage parents of all ages! They are usually very easy to read or to listen to and they are generally very lighthearted , down to earth, with a great deal of laughter.
With Father's Day fast approaching I have selected two items for you to look at.

This one is for Mums and children only! This is an idea for housing those little treasures that children like to find for their dads.

Here are some family ideas for you to enjoy

Take a look to see what you can find. I particularly like their parenting and marriage courses.
Any way, enjoy the rest of your day and have a good weekend.
Happy Father's Day to all the Dads. You have great children! Have a good day.
Good health and best wishes.
Mrs Faulkner