Fantastic Film Friday!

posted 12 Jun 2020, 02:19 by Sally Faulkner

Good Morning!
I hope you are all keeping well again today. 
Well, we've made it to the end of another week of home learning and lock-down. Well done if you've managed to access some of the learning for your child from our website. over the last two weeks.  Next week's planning has more of a pick and mix approach, just dip in, take a quick look and choose an activity each day. 
This morning I thought we ought to get on a train for our clip, are you ready?
The first 5 mins will give you a variety of things to look at and talk about with your child. Your child could be the train driver.  They could sit in a box or on a little chair/cushion and hold the steering wheel ( I know trains don't have them but it is good fun to steer around the corners!) You will also need a button to press every time you hear the beep. Don't forget to put the head lights on when you go in the tunnel! Why not explore other train journeys around the country or the world?

Have a good day, enjoy your train ride wherever you go.
Have a good weekend.
See you back here on Monday,
Good health and best wishes,
Mrs Faulkner