Fabulous Friday!

posted 24 Apr 2020, 02:28 by Sally Faulkner
Good Morning!
Yes, that's the end of another home learning week. Well done to all the teachers at home for another week of  learning completed. I hope you have found it fun. Do you have a Friday celebration in your house to mark the end of the week? When my children were little we had  a Friday film night, with pizza. It was lovely to crash out on the sofa together!  Traditions are great, so tonight for my tea I've got........ yep, pizza and a new DVD to watch. Woop!  I'm off to up-load your learning for next week now.  I hope you have a great day and a lovely weekend off. Here is today's picture. I have asked the technician about the photo problem so hopefully by next week we should be sorted to show the other photos you have shared with me.
Take care,
Good health and best wishes
Mrs Faulkner